This service allows you to fully automate your LinkedIn lead generation efforts, through a combination of various engagement features. So that you can achieve optimum results.

This feature will require that you also have a LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator subscription.


Get inbound and outbound B2B leads for your sales teams whether you are in technology, SaaS, or any vertical ready to disrupt a market

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For many companies, LinkedIn is the place to be. If your product is used by enterprises, mid-market companies or startups, it’s very likely that your ideal customer is a regular user of LinkedIn.

Profile View Generator

Automatically visit a certain number of LinkedIn profiles each day, making them aware of your visit to their profile

Connection invites

You can target your ideal prospects on LinkedIn by sending thousands of personalized invitations to connect per month, all on auto pilot

Sequence Messaging

Drive conversations at scale with all your recently added connections, by sending them a sequence of personalized messages. The tool will also detect all responses so they don't receive additional follow-ups once the conversation starts. You can also use this feature to broadcast a message to all your first degree connections too

Free Inmails

This feature allows you to automatically send thousands of InMails per month to LinkedIn premium members with an open profile, even if they're outside of your network

Twitter Engagement 

This feature allows you to automatically search twitter accounts of all the profiles that you process, and favorite their last tweet. This is a subtle yet powerful way to get their attention

Email, chat and phone support

We are here to assist you and support you every step of the way 

A/B Testing

This feature allows you to  run controlled experiments with multiple variants,where you can monitor acceptance rates and response rates in LinkedIn


We provide you with you own reQsel dash board so you can monitor monitor and track your lead generation campaigns


We are a clod based solution so you can access you dashboard from any where


reQsel integrates with Zapier so you can connect with and feed your favorite CRM with incoming messages from LinkedIn


LinkedIn Premium or LinkedIn Sales Navigator required to use reQsel 

We help you do “Real Business” on Linkedin

Now you can generate Tier 1 quality leads for your company’s software (SaaS), services and products
We focus on attracting and engaging buyers, decision makers and stakeholders in your target markets.

Do you want to take your business to the next level? 

Do you want to fill your schedule with real prospects from your target market? 

Do you want to build contacts with your specific niche? 

We have the systems and knowledge to target your market like a laser and get them to engage with you in a positive manner.